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About GFZ

GFZ was formed in 2008. It has built a strong franchise for residential development in prime central London. Its management team has a dynamic and entrepreneurial approach to development opportunities with a highly experienced team of professionals supporting its projects.

GFZ has focused on premier quality residential schemes with considerable attention to delivering a high specification product to its clients.

GFZ has consistently performed at every stage of the development process from site acquisition, planning, to the delivery of a quality product.

GFZ is an ambitious developer with a strong reputation and a proven track record of consistent delivery and performance.

Andrew Melrose | Noel Leonard | Maurice Leonard | Ben Missri

Andrew Melrose

Andrew had a career as an equity investment analyst for 23 years before moving in to various management roles in the securities industry. He joined Grieveson Grant as an analyst in 1976 and subsequently worked for SG Warburg and Nomura before joining Paribas in 1993. Andrew was appointed Head of Research ­ London for BNP Paribas in 2000 and subsequently held various senior management roles with Exane Limited. Andrew has always had a keen interest in the property market and brings considerable business and financial experience to GFZ which he co-founded with Noel and Maurice Leonard.

Noel Leonard

Noel Leonard has worked in the financial sector for over 30 years, commencing his career at Cazenove & Co; most recently Noel was a managing director with Lehman Brothers & Nomura with his clients including some of the largest international institutional investors. Noel's extensive experience is an important part of GFZ's ability to act decisively and with confidence when a transaction comes into play. Noel co-founded GFZ with Andrew Melrose and Maurice Leonard.

Maurice Leonard

Maurice Leonard has a wealth of experience in central London residential development in a career spanning over 22 years. His skills are in identifying and delivering off-market development opportunities in the prime London property market. His responsibilities also include liaising with architects and designers during the planning and design period of projects and he also has considerable experience of managing the building process. Maurice is also responsible for project completion and the liaison with our network of agents.

Ben Missri

Ben has been active in the central London property market for over 25 years. His expertise includes securing all forms of funding for property development and investments. Ben read Economics and Accounts in the UK prior to entering the central London property market as an independent developer. He now resides in Israel where he manages a property investment company.